Transports and shipments

Dal Ferro Trasporti mainly performs transports in the Northeast of Italy having as destination CEE countries for any type of cargo also of small dimensions and weight. The Company offers a 1000 square metre covered warehouse for short-term and long-term deposits of goods as well as for in transit goods. The well-equipped warehouse provides loading and unloading ramps designed to reduce times and to increase security.

Dal Ferro Trasporti fleet consists of 13.60 curtain-sided trucks and our trailers are code XL certified.
Each truck is equipped with a satellite system which enables the Company and its customers to track and monitor goods from warehouse to destination in real-time. Dal Ferro Trasporti headquarters and operating office are ready to meet any kind of request.

Furthermore, they provide a modern truck wash to always guarantee the best condition of the fleet. The Company’s high quality standard is ensured by both the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and the employment of new generation ecological trucks.

Since 2013 our company is certified for waste transportation service (Category 4, Class F)